Listen carefully!

The IB final exams have e new element: listening comprehension.

While listening comprehension as a separate examination in second and foreign languages ceased to exist in the Finnish matriculation in 2018, it was first introduced to the IB exams in 2020. Because of the pandemic, the introduction was postponed, however, first until 2021 and then until 2022. On May 11, 2022, it finally happened: Finnish B HL students’ listening comprehension skills were tested with a mundane dialogue taking place in a dog park and with a lecture on Marimekko and on Fiskars for students of industrial arts and design. I was listening to the exam as an invigilator, and, all of a sudden, the lecturer said they did not like the bright-colored stripes that are characteristic of Marimekko!! Need I say more?

The IB DP final exams usually take place on May 1‒20. This means that we have arranged exams both on Labor day (twice) and on Ascension day (stopped counting). This year, the exams started as late as on May 4, and the Ascencion day was as late as on May 26 ‒ no exams alone in an empty house thinking of the others enjoying their free days! Or, this was our plan. Then, the strike came.

Maarit Berg

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