Poetry for a day of remote studies

Tilu’s Koronaklubi – or why not Corona Club – presents three poems by Sarah Hopkins (IB17).  Stop working for a while and concentrate on Sarah’s beautiful work.

Photo by Antti Pentikäinen.

Barely Breathing

When you are barely breathing,
And everything seems to be falling apart,
You ask yourself,
Am I really a work of art?

I hate feeling like this every evening,
Like I’m not enough,
I just need to know,
Will someone be there when times get tough?

The voices in my head will never stop screaming,
Telling me I’m worthless,
So when all is said and done,
What is my purpose?

Jumping into puddles

Two pairs of feet
Jumping into puddles
This was what happiness felt like
You splashing me until I was soaked

The pouring rain drowns out our feelings
We are waiting for my bus to arrive
I’m too nervous to hug you so instead we are both
Jumping into puddles

The moment I see the headlights
My arms extend themselves
Into a warm embrace
Only to wish we were still jumping into puddles

You are:
My roots
My branches
My leaves

You keep me grounded
Help me grow
And bring out all the colours in me

Poems by Sarah Hopkins


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