IB Visual Arts exhibition impresses online

invisible triangle

Kanizsa Triangle or Art Wide Shut.

Have you ever thought that you are losing your mind? Have you ever used your clothes to boost your status? Have you ever wished to lead a more ecologically balanced life?

Some impressive answers would have been around at the school auditorium in April if Lotta Juhola, Ronja Pakarinen and Maria Stulenkova could have opened their IB Visual Arts Diploma exhibition.

The poster design for the exhibition titled Trinity was chosen from over 20 suggestions made by the graphic design course students on national side course Graafinen suunnittelu. The poster was never printed.

The giant size high fashion  handbag: Le Grande never left the art studio. The life size Fashion Worker of the Fast Fashion Drive Through store is waiting at the art room storage for the work shift to start. The Hand descending from the skies is leaning against the class wall and The D-O-L-L-H-O-U-S-E is in ruin, its pieces stored inside a cardboard box on teachers desk.

The exhibition might be beaten but the artists and their works stand strong. In the skins of their digital avatars the works have already travelled the globe to meet the IB examiners. The virtual layouts of the exhibition share a glimpse of the dream and some pieces will premiere here for you in this digital yearbook.The works on video are vigorously live and kicking at the school YouTube channel and maybe you even meet some of the original pieces when we return to school. Art will be with you – always.

IB kuvataiteen lopputyönäyttely Trinity jouduttiin perumaan etäopetukseen siirtymisen myötä. Kiitokset koulun henkilökunnalle auditorion valmistelemisesta näyttelykuntoon ja taiteilijoille nopeasta ja taitavasta siirtymisestä näyttelyn digitointiin. Tervetuloa ensi keväänä IB 18 -oppilaiden näyttelyyn!


juliste Matti Vuorinen

Exhibition poster.


Lotta Juhola Exhibition layout illustration

Lotta Juhola Exhibition layout illustration.

Ronja Pakarinen Exhibition layout illustration

Ronja Pakarinen Exhibition layout illustration.

Maria Stulenkova Exhibition layout illustration

Maria Stulenkova Exhibition layout illustration.


Lotta Juhola The Fashion Worker 70x50x70cm Mixed Media

Lotta Juhola: The Fashion Worker. 70 x 50 x 70 cm. Mixed Media.

Lotta Juhola Fast Fashion Drive-through 20x20x60cm Painted cardboard and paper prints

Lotta Juhola: Fast Fashion Drive-through. 20 x 20 x 60 cm. Painted cardboard and paper prints.


Ronja Pakarinen The hand 150x49cm Acrylic on wood

Ronja Pakarinen: The hand 150 x 49 cm. Acrylic on wood.

Ronja Pakarinen Simon 18x 28cm Glazed clay and a lamp

Ronja Pakarinen: Simon. 18 x 28 cm. Glazed clay and a lamp.


Maria Stulenkova Ever tried Depersonification

Maria Stulenkova: Ever tried Depersonification?

Maria Stulenkova D-O-L-L-H-O-U-S-E 35x30x35cm Mixed media

Maria Stulenkova: D-O-L-L-H-O-U-S-E. 35 x 30 x 35 cm. Mixed media.

Maria Stulenkova Escape from the cube with the volume of derealization cubed Digital video


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