In the shadow of the pandemic

There are over 2,900 IB schools in 148 countries. The majority (70%) of the schools were able to administer the final examinations safely, including us, Tikkurilan lukio IB World School. Thank you everyone for contributing to the smooth and safe exam experience!

Memes tell the truth. Thanks Internet!

A minority of IB World schools was not able to administer the exams as a result of governmental mandate or local conditions, which is why a dual assessment model was offered for May 2021—the examination route and non-examination route. The non-examination route looked easy as the assessment would be based on the courseworks completed at the school in 2019-2021. The final grade would be calculated by an algorithm that combines statistical analysis and coursework grades. Now, let us ponder this. No exams! 45 % of the grade based on my oral exams! Brilliant! I’m sure that the algorithm can give me the best grades, it already chooses my clothes and my music…

However, the graduates assessed by an algorithm when both A levels and IB exams were cancelled in 2020 were the most unhappy ones ever. Been there, done that, wasn’t fun, never again! An assessment carried out by humans feels much more, well, human.

Text Maarit Berg


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