Tilu Pre-IB ‒ hit or miss?

We asked earlier this autumn Tilu’s Pre-IB students for their opinion on the IB program so far. 

  1. How do you like the IB program so far?
  2. Is PRE-IB difficult? 
  3. Do you like your teachers so far?
  4. How is your class atmosphere?’
  5. Would you recommend Tilu’s PRE-IB program to current ninth graders?

Iida Ulkuniemi, IB21

  1. In the beginning, the IB program seemed confusing but now it has proven to cater all academic interests. 
  2. Since I’ve only been studying in the PRE-IB for around a month it’s hard to say if it is difficult. However, it is not too challenging since the teachers seem to know where our level is after ninth grade.
  3. I’ve liked all the teachers so far, but some teachers’ teaching methods are more effective for me than others.
  4. I think our class atmosphere is great and I feel that we get along well. Since we have most of our classes together, it’s been easier to get to know one another better.
  5. I would definitely recommend Tilu’s PRE-IB to ninth graders that are willing to study in English and who wish to challenge themselves academically. 

Zayd Mustafa Ali, IB21

  1. The IB program has been eye opening for me. Even though I’m in the PRE-IB program at the moment, I have gotten the impression that it will be very beneficial for me and my peers. In my opinion, it seems so professional and organized, I sort of feel as though I am already in university. 
  2. Personally, it has been easy for me, mainly because I’ve been putting a lot of effort into starting the year with good grades. However, it is getting harder as time progresses and we receive more assignments. It is encouraging to know that we can rely on the school’s support system for any problems we come across in the next few years. 
  3. My teachers are all very kind and skilled in their area of work. I couldn’t have asked for better teachers.
  4. My class atmosphere is probably one of the best I’ve been a part of. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. One amazing thing is how quickly we created bonds with one another. I’m glad I’ll be spending the next few years with these great people. 
  5. I would suggest this school’s IB program to this year’s 9th graders over any other IB school. Speaking from my experience, the start of the school year was comforting and the pressure from the first day of school completely disappeared. This program makes me feel reassured about my future and further education, which is mainly why I would recommend this program to current ninth graders. 

Waithira Ndegwa, IB21

  1. So far, IB has provided me with an amazing learning experience. Getting to know people who have lived abroad and moved to Finland to study at Tilu has been extraordinary. 
  2. Pre-IB currently has not been as challenging as I thought it would be. However, it has definitely kept me on my toes. It’s been a good start for the years, and I am already looking forward to the years to come. 
  3. Most of my teachers are good. The teachers provide a good learning experience and a good learning environment. 
  4. I have a great class. Everyone seems to get along and I think that’s very important in a class setting. 
  5. Yes, I would recommend it. IB provides a good experience to improve your skills academically. Sometimes it’s good to go out of your comfort zone and try something new. 

Harshita Mardikar, IB21

  1. The IB program is ok so far. I’ve studied IB in middle school as well, so I know what it’s like. 
  2. PRE-IB isn’t that difficult if you have prepared for it, so I think I am doing well. If you’ve been in a Finnish school, it might be hard, but you can get used to the workload. 
  3. So far, I like most of my teachers. I believe they teach well. 
  4. My class atmosphere is really nice and I like my class because everyone is friends with everyone. 
  5. Yes, I would recommend IB to ninth graders, and would tell them what to expect from it. 

Jodeka Linkheswaran, IB21

  1. In my opinion, the IB program is interesting and I am enjoying it without any regrets. 
  2. PRE-IB, for me, is not at all difficult mainly because it is about revision and preparing yourself for the actual IB program. If you do find PRE-IB difficult, you may need to reconsider your choices. 
  3. To be honest, I feel like some teachers have room for improvement, however most teachers are decent at their jobs.
  4. So far, our class atmosphere has been great and everyone has a friendly relationship with everyone. That is my favorite part of this programme. 
  5. Yes, I would recommend Tilu’s IB programme to the current ninth graders because there are many scopes you can look into for a career with the IB program. Additionally, Tilu’s IB program offers a wide range of subjects that other IB schools don’t. 

Text: Harini Natarajan
Photos from the interviewees


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