How to survive Pre-IB


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Here are some survival tips to hopefully make your life easier. Oh, and welcome to Pre-IB!

New school, new friends, new chapter. It is your time to create a clean slate for yourself and begin the next few years of your life. Now, being the new kid in a big school can be scary but remember, you are definitely not alone. With a class full of unfamiliar faces and a school of unfamiliar classrooms it is time to become comfortable in your home for the next three years.

Although some might assume that the Pre-IB and national side are two different worlds, they are wrong for the most part. We all roam around the same school, have the same teachers and eat in the same cafeteria, it is the same. So, don’t pressure yourself too much while you get used to the classrooms and the people, it takes time for every single one of you.

Communicate with people

You are all new here and so why not make some friends? Talk to your classmates and get to know them, they might be as clueless as you are.

Attend FIBS events

FIBS – Finnish IB Society. You are now apart of it, a part of the FIBS and so get to know people from around Finland who will go through the same struggles as you. You could meet some new friends as well as relate to problems with the IB. It is a great way to be familiar with not only your upcoming IB years but also gain friends and it’s also just fun. Follow fibs_ry on Instagram for more info on events, etc.

Don’t stick with the people you know

If you’re going into Pre-IB with familiar people whether they are friends in the IB or on the national side, become aware of balancing new and old. Get to know people outside of your circle.

Get to know your classes

Familiarize yourself with not only your classroom locations but also with the class in general. How the grading works, if its only a pass or fail, homework, etc. This can help you in those classes.

Learn the school

Tilu is a big school and it has many students and classrooms, but with time you’ll get used to it. There are maps around the school that show each wing and most classrooms are in obvious places. Ask your teachers and tutors for help. The crowds can be overwhelming since there are so many students and every single day you will see someone you have never seen before. It will all become normal.

Know your teachers

When you know your teachers, you’ll know how they grade, which is nothing but helpful for you. Don’t be afraid to ask them for help.

Ask the IB for help

There are two classes of IB in the upper years who will probably be more than happy to help you out if you need help. Not only can you interact with your tutors but you will most likely see the rest of the IB in many places as well. Ask us your questions.

Text by Anonymous

The writer has just finished the Tilu Pre-IB year.
This survival guide was written on the Pre-IB Media course


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