Koronatarinoita – Corona stories

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Kuva: Ella Huhtinen.

Kun koronavirus rantautui Suomeen, työelämä, opiskelu ja katukuva muuttuivat kuin taikaiskusta. Tilulaiset ovat tallentaneet korona-ajan tarinoita koulutöihin.

Suomen kansallismuseo ja Museovirasto käynnistivät koronaepidemian alussa hankkeen (https://www.museovirasto.fi/fi/ajankohtaista/suomen-kansallismuseo-ja-museoviraston-kuvakokoelmat-dokumentoivat-koronaviruksen-aiheuttamaa-poikkeustilaa), jonka tarkoituksena oli dokumentoida poikkeusajan ilmiöitä ja tallentaa materiaaleja jälkipolville.

Tikkurilan lukiossa kolme kurssia lähti mukaan hankkeeseen. Kaksi äidinkielen ja S2:n puhekurssia ja yksi Pre-IB:n mediakurssi ovat kevään aikana tutkineet koronaan liittyviä ilmiöitä, tunteita ja ajatuksia. Puhekurssilaiset tekivät videoita otsikolla koronamonologi. Englanninkielisellä mediakurssilla opiskelijat taas saivat valita, tallentavatko he huomioitaan teksteinä, valokuvina tai videoina.

Opiskelijoiden työt lähetetään kesäkuun alkupuolella Museoviraston Kuvakokoelmien arkistoon, kunhan julkaisu- ja tallennusluvat on saatu kuntoon. Tilulaisten koulutöistä tulee siis osa suomalaisten kulttuuriperintöä ja kollektiivista muistia!

Julkaisemme kaksi Tilun opiskelijoiden korona-aiheista teosta. Alex Lindholmin monologivideo on syntynyt puhekurssilla ja Ella Huhtisen kuvat ja tekstit on tehty Pre-IB Media -kurssilla.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

When the corona pandemic reached Finland, everything changed overnight. The way we study, work or move changed. The students in Tilu have recorded this historic event for posterity.

The National Museum of Finland (Suomen Kansallismuseo) and The Finnish Heritage Agency (Museovirasto) have started a project which aims to record images, texts and videos from the era of the corona virus.

Students from three courses in Tilu have participated in the project. Two groups of the Finnish speech course and one Pre-IB media group have recorded their ideas and feelings on various phenomena regarding the epidemic. The work of our students will become an interesting part of the culture-historical national heritage.

We publish two works from our students. Alex Lindholm’s corona monologue was produced during the speech course and Ella Huhtinen’s photos and texts were created on the Pre-IB media course.


Alex Lindholmin video (suomeksi/in Finnish)


Ella Huhtinen’s texts and images (englanniksi/in English)


Corona has changed everyone’s lives massively. Most of the stores have closed their doors, the before very crowded public places are empty, people have to work from home and students are homeschooled. I asked my friends and family to tell me about their feelings regarding the situation.


Distance learning. Photo by Ella Huhtinen.

“The biggest change was that everyone was now at home and I couldn’t really go anywhere. Sometimes my family just gets on my nerves and I have nowhere to escape. I don’t have any alone time either.

While it was nice that I could do all the schoolwork at my own pace and wouldn’t have to hurry, learning is much harder when there is no teacher.  It’s sad that I cannot see any of my friends and I miss them so much but I have been doing lots of puzzles and cleaning, there has of course been a lot of schoolwork too.”

– High school student


Quarantine has got everyone to bake bread. Image from Helsingin Sanomat/Nyt.fi

“It’s weird that now I am seeing my family more instead of friends. I have noticed that it’s much harder to keep in touch with them [friends] since none of us lives close to each other. Usually, we would see each other at school every day.

I have for once done all my homework since I can now prioritise the most important subjects. It’s nice that I have time to cook every day and get things done. I have finished seven audiobooks and gone to walks. The weather has been beautiful, but it’s sad that walking is the only way I can enjoy spring.”

– High school student


First of May celebration from distance. Photo by Ella Huhtinen.

“I have been killing time by watching a lot of anime, drawing and reorganizing my room. It’s nice that I can sleep longer but, to be honest, I would much rather go back to school. We are given too much homework and theory to study but I can’t do anything concrete at home.”

– Practical nurse student


Mother’s Day picnic. Photo by Ella Huhtinen.

“Everyone at my father’s work got laid off, my father included. Since the job provided our car, we couldn’t use it during his layoff and had to do all the groceries at small sets and carry everything by bicycles. Dad seemed to be fine about the situation but personally, I found it hard that now my whole family was at home, and I couldn’t get any alone time. I found the first weeks of the isolation really challenging, but as time went on, I got used to the situation and it became our reality. Nevertheless, it didn’t change the fact that I longed to get out of the house.”

– High school student

“I am an ambassador for EF Education Company. I was meant to speak about EF language travels at my little sister’s English lesson but the schools were shut down. Instead, I held my presentation via Google Meet. I shared my screen to show the slides, it was nice since I didn’t have to see anyone’s face, it felt like I was only talking by myself which made it less stressful. The students also played virtual Kahoot; I shared the game on my screen and they played at home on their phones, it was surprisingly easy.”

– High school student


Jumbo shopping centre: most of the stores have closed their doors and the whole place was empty. Photo by Ella Huhtinen.

“I don’t feel like I need to kill my time in any way. I’m so busy at work so actually there hasn’t really been any extra time. All the spare time is mainly used to run a normal life like exercising and making food. However, now that all the hobbies and extra shopping were gone, we were able to start renovating our garden which normally would have just given more weight to our weekdays. It’s new that suddenly everyone is at home all the time and we can’t see our friends or family. I’m worried about my own mother since I have no idea how she’s doing. Nevertheless, I’m happy how well our family has coped with the situation.”

– Working mother


Warm and lovely day, yet Senaatintori was completely empty. Photo by Ella Huhtinen.

Text and photos by Ella Huhtinen, IB19


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